Volume No. :   1

Issue No. :  4

Year :  2011

ISSN Print :  2231-5705

ISSN Online :  2231-5713


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Current and Future Biotechnological Approaches for Diabetes Mellitus

Address:   Tanushree Chatterjee, Pradeep Kumar Sahu*, Shilpi Chatterjee, Jai Godheja
Raipur Institute of Technology, Chhatauna, Mandir Hasaud, Raipur C.G.-492101
*Corresponding Author

Diabetes mellitus is a group of diseases characterized by high levels of blood glucose resulting from defects in insulin secretion and/or action. Insulin helps metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins; store glycogen in the liver; and convert glucose to fat. Diabetes affects an estimated 40 million people in the India and largest number of diabetics in any one country. Diabetes is associated with serious complications and can result in premature death. Diabetes is the major cause of heart disease, stroke, end-stage renal disease, adult blindness and lower limb amputations. Biotechnology is changing the composition of pharmaceuticals used in the treatment diabetes. Present study show some current biotechnological approaches by Prandin, Humalog, Humulin, Novolin and future approaches are Inhaled Insulin, AI-401, Insulinotropin, Somatokine, Altered Peptide Ligands, Symlin, AC2993, and Bioartificial Pancreas. Recombinant DNA (rDNA) uses insulin engineered from human cells rather than animal cells, the previous treatment option, and is associated with better health outcomes.
Diabetes Mellitus, Insulin, rDNA, Biotechnological Approaches.
Tanushree Chatterjee, Pradeep Kumar Sahu, Shilpi Chatterjee, Jai Godheja. Current and Future Biotechnological Approaches for Diabetes Mellitus. Asian J. Pharm. Tech. 1(4): Oct. - Dec. 2011; Page 94-98.
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