Volume No. :   9

Issue No. :  3

Year :  2019

ISSN Print :  2231-5705

ISSN Online :  2231-5713


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Formulation and In Vitro Characterisation of Capecitabine Gastro Retentive Floating Tablets

Address:   Dasari Nirmala*, Lakshmi Durga, M. Sudhakar
Department of Pharmaceutics, Malla Reddy College of Pharmacy, Maisammaguda, Dhulapally, Secunderabad -500100 Telangana State India
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: 10.5958/2231-5713.2019.00026.6

In the present study was carried out with an objective of preparation and in vitro characterization of Capecitabine gastro retentive floating tablets by using various natural polymers (xantan gum, karaya gum and guar gum) the floating tablets were based on effervescent approach using sodium bicarbonate a gas generating agent. Tablets were prepared by direct compression method. Gas generating agent sodium bicarbonate concentration was optimized. Then the formulation was developed by using different concentrations of polymers Xanthan gum, guar gum and Karaya Gum as polymeric substances. The formulation blend was subjected to various preformualation studies, flow properties and all the formulations were found to be good indicating that the powder blend has good flow properties. The results of in vitro release studies showed that the drug release profile should be sustained as increasing the concentration of polymers. The formulations prepared with Karaya Gum as polymer was retarded the drug release more than12 hours. The formulations prepared with guar gum were also retarded the drug release up to 12 hours. The formulations prepared with xanthan gum showed very less retardation capacity hence they were not considered. Among all the formulations F6 formulation was optimized formulation 96.32% of drug release up to 12 hours. The optimized formulation dissolution data was subjected to release kinetics, from the release kinetics data it was evident that the formulation followed zero order mechanism of drug release. The present study shows that polymers like xanthan gum, guar gum and karaya gum with sodium bicarbonate as a gas generating agent can be used to develop sustained release floating tablets of capecitabine.
Capecitabine, Xanthan gum, guar gum and Karaya Gum, Floating Tablets.
Dasari Nirmala, Lakshmi Durga, M. Sudhakar. Formulation and In Vitro Characterisation of Capecitabine Gastro Retentive Floating Tablets. Asian J. Pharm. Tech. 2019; 9(3):154-158.
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