Alcohol, Internet usage in Drug Delivery System Development of Meloxicam Coated Ibuprofen Microparticles


Dr. C. Kumaresan

Pharmaceutical Formulator, Chennai, Tamil nadu, India.

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Peoples stay alone sometimes due to lack of freedom from surrounding, they choose to escape from surrounding thereby people drinks alcohol and uses internet tools such as laptop, mobile phone and computer. It is called abuse of alcohol and internet facility. The management of alcohol drinks and internet tool usage in public to be in control. In Pharmaceuticals, Alcohols used as solvent for solid dosage forms such as tablet granulation, tablet coating solution, microparticle drug layer coating, semisolid dosage forms such as paste, jells, creams and liquid dosage forms such as suspension because of easy evaporation characteristics. In Pharmaceuticals, Internet used for email purposes, online operated and computer managed compression machine, tablet counting machine, capsule and liquid filling machine. This research paper observed for drug meloxicam layering by film coating on tablet ibuprofen.


KEYWORDS: Meloxicam, Ibuprofen, Microparticles





Generally peoples drinks alcohol for unconscious treatment of their anxiety. Per year 88,000 peoples death by alcohol intake due to health disorder such as pancreatitis, cirrhosis, withdrawl symptoms and other health problems such as head and neck cancer and heart diseases because of heavy drinking1. Drinking alcohol with womans are main problem, which mean alcohol abuse. There are many health warnings and greater social awareness. Eventhough alcohol disorder doubled for woman since 2002. Alcoholism is the term represents alcohol use disorder. Alcoholism represent problems of alcohol withdrawl symptoms, difficulty in emotional management.


The increase level of use of alcohol give more than 200 diseases including cancer and psychiatric disorder2. Woman affected 5 times more health disorder than man by alcohol misuses. alcohol/sprits bevarages or liquor contain alcohol content given in Table 1.


The alcohol content in liquor products. Table I.

Liquor Products

Alcohol content


4-8 %







Scotch whisky









Usually internet abuse causes health and psychiatric disorder such as writing complains and writing information to wrong peoples. The Peoples should not email from personal email to official peoples emails and should not write personal matter from official email to official peoples. The official documents should not email from personal email or official email or pen drive from laptop, mobile and computers are avoided. In the same way official document transaction should be monitored online with the online approval of documents. The abuse of alcohol and internet caused by self and others should be controlled as per prevention is better than cure3.  The abuse alcohol and internet users should be monitored by authority.



The ibuprofen obtained from madras pharmaceuticals, chennai and meloxicam dichloromethane, ethanol, mannitol, hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose obtained obtained from orchid laboratories, Chennai. The other chemical obtained from sigma laboratories, chennai.


Preparation of ibuprofen microparticles:

The modified solvent evaporation method used to prepare ibuprofen microparticles. The solvent evaporation is the method of frequently used method of microparticle preparation. The ibuprofen aqueous solution contains viscosity enhancer and stablising agent added to solvents, dichloromethane: acetone in 1:1 ratio contain polymer. The water oil emulsion cleared by continuous stirring for 24 hours. The ibuprofen microparticles collected by centrifugation4. The prepared microparticles characterized.


Particle size and shape of microparticles:

The particle size analysed by laser diffraction method. The microparticles particles size 10µ ± 3 µ. The particle shape obtained from scanning electron microscope, microparticles are spherical in nature.


The drug layering:

The 5g of prepared microparticle coated with 100 mg of meloxicam. The meloxicam and coating material dispersed in organic solvent dichloromethane and acetone. The prepared microparticles kept in coating pan and 2 mg of meloxicam solution sprayed over 100mg microparticles. The dummy is used and optimized drug layering of 100mg:2mg of ibuprofen: meloxicam respectively.


In vitro diffusion study:

The in vitro diffusion study carried out for meloxicam coated drug layer on ibuprofen microparticles. 100 ml of buffer solution is used, the 1ml of solution is withdrawn from 1, 4, 8, 12 and 24 hours to evaluate the drug percentage release. The Ultra-Violet visible spectrophotometer used to find the drug content. About 79-80% drug release and 82-91% drug release found in ibuprofen and meloxicam respectively. The final microparticles size 12µ ± 4 µ. and spherical shape were evaluated with laser diffraction method and scanning electron microscope respectively.


The prepared drug coated microparticles provide the satisfactory result. The further broad review of the research provides the best clinical effect.



I am gratifying thanks to my teachers, classmates, collegues and friends. I am thankful to Dr. K. Sathish Kumar, Dr. GnanaPrakash, Dr. R. Parthiban, Department of chemical engineering, Dr.S. Salivahanan, SSN college of engineering, Kalavakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. I am grateful for help and support of Mr.D. Ragupratap Department of Pharmacy, Annamalai University, Chidambaram.



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